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Sleepless in Austin

After lying in bed for over an hour and a half and realizing sleep will not come, I decided to get up and be productive. Tomorrow I attempt a tiramisu and prepare for my first ever fancy four course dinner party.

It seems that at age 31 it is a little late to attempt making my first dessert from scratch, but nevertheless it is about time I tried.

My love for cooking began as a child when my mom gave me a 1974 Betty Crocker cookbook. I remember perusing the recipes before bed admiring at all of the pictures of food.

Once I attempted to cook, my family endured meals of mac and cheese with little hot dogs cut up on top and pear halves made to look like bunnies. All of which was quite fun, but far from anything culinary.

Over the years cooking didn't change much for me and I did not experiment either. I wasn't gifted with the same relationship to the kitchen as my father and brother who without any training or even a recipe, can create celebrations for your taste buds, my dad's cornflake surprise excluded.

I am a meticulous recipe follower and my recipes, like my Bible have served me well. I will let you know how it all turns out.


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