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Planning vs. Preparing

I’ve discovered that there are two things I must figure out for a successful life.

How to plan and how to prepare.

I’m really good at planning. I make plans all the time, oftentimes months in advance. Although, time and time again conflicts arise because I’ve planned too much and not allowed for any margin to prepare or do what is required to execute my plan.

A plan is defined as “a scheme or method of acting developed in the advance: battle plans.” Whereas, prepare is to “put in proper condition, readiness as in proper assembly: to prepare for war.”

I have to say I love how these two words are explained by referring to war. One doesn’t go into battle without the proper equipment, training or without a plan of action. So, why should we haphazardly run through life without preparation or a plan? 

Too many times I have started a recipe without reading it in its entirety and in realizing my error I’ve had hungry guests waiting for their main course or I am rushed around the kitchen like a mad crazy woman trying to finish everything before my guests arrive. Instead of enjoying their company I am anxious and anything but a delightful hostess.

I have to admit I find it a little overkill that Martha Stewart plans out every day of her month at the start of her magazine, but I also acknowledge that there is something to having a plan, so I don’t wake up wondering where all of my time went. There must be a way to plan, prepare and execute my schedule without being in bondage to it.

I am challenging myself to learn to maintain my home in 30 minutes a day. This includes cleaning, organizing, planning and most of all preparation. If Rachel Ray can make delightful dishes in 30 minutes or less, I am sure there is a way to take a little time each day to maintain our home and life so we aren’t left with a huge mess. I plan on figuring it out!

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