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The Shortest Distance Between Two Points

Tonight I saw the film Julie and Julia. It isn't very often that you leave a movie inspired and full of sheer joy. Both women decided to make something exceptional out of the mundane. It reminded me of my own journey and the search for beauty in what can be a monotonous life. I love food, love entertaining and figuring out will to make life fuller, but also simpler.

I'm still working on the simpler part, I know there has to be a way!

I've decided I like being busy and that part of my life will probably never change - so I must learn to manage the busy. A friend suggested that I make a daily to-do list and I have to admit it has made a major difference.

A good to-do list is more than just tasks. It also applies the one thing I remember from geometry class about a straight line, it is the shortest distance between two points. When making a list try to figure out how to accomplish the most in the shortest amount of time. For example, if you are starting your day at the gym and you know the post office and library are nearby maximize your time by preparing your packages and remembering to put books to donate or return in your car before you leave the house, thus killing three birds with one stone. It is amazing how a little careful planning can really make the most of life and time.


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